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We are focused on helping more people ride their bikes and run more often and more easily in cities.

Active Things

What do you need to ride your bike, run, walk and do active things in cities? We've started bringing these elements together in an easy-to-use app. The focus moving forward will be on secure bike parking that can be accessed flexibly, on-demand, via the Active Things app.


Secure bike parking, by Active Things

Ride more easily & often, without the worry of where to secure your bike..


RunFriendly, by Active Things

Showers on demand service via our network of partner fitness studios, hotels etc. Launched in September 2019, it is a Men's Health 'Top App to Change Your Life in 2020' and a Runner's World 'Eco Hero' (both February 2020). B2B clients include Nike and HSBC.


#runsome, by Active Things

A national campaign to run some everyday journeys and commutes.


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